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Tree Consulting

Ensure safety, Improve growing environments, Sustainable long term solutions

Expert solutions and recommendations on tree care for homeowners, subdivisions or commercial developments. This can include landscape level management, planning, risk management, and policy.

Tree Diagnostics & Remediation 

Focus on tree health, Analyze and identify plant healthcare issues,  Precise treatment program

Diagnosing plant health care problems can be complex. Once a plant care issue is accurately identified, the most up-to-date research and techniques will be recommended to improve tree health and longevity. Providing injection treatments for Emerald Ash Borer and other insects.

Tree Preservation

Minimize impact to desired assets, Increase property value, Reduce liability

There are many types of projects that impact tree health. At the beginning of any project, tree preservation should be considered.  This includes new construction, utility relocations, irrigation installation, etc. A successful tree preservation creates an environment for a tree to thrive long after a project has been completed.

Tree Risk Assessment

Identify potential tree defects and targets, Reduce liability, Provide mitigation options

The evaluation of a tree and/or tree resource for the potential of failure, the failure of the part striking an object, and the consequences of the failed part striking that object.

Tree Inventory & Mapping

Data-driven tree care management, Accurate data collection, Custom preferences

Tree inventory collects accurate data on individual trees. This can include: species, health, size and location information. A customized inventory allows for a tailored data-driven plan suited to your priorities and budget.

Tree Planting

Increase property values, Maximize tree benefits, Reduce long term cost

The keys to a successful tree planting are identifying the appropriate tree specie for a planting site, proper planting techniques and a site appropriate management schedule during the establishment period.

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